Month: January 2021

Selecting Investment Funds By Performance, But Is This Always The Smartest Way To Invest On The Stock Market?

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Anyone who has followed the news a little bit over the past period has probably heard the name Standard & Poor’s (S&P) pass by a number of times. Especially when it came to the creditworthiness of (the economy) of the Netherlands and especially Shell aandelen were under big pressure after the coronavirus. This credit rating agency is taken very seriously when it comes to assessing financial and economic performance, even to such an extent that a negative rating for a country has immediate annoying consequences on the loan market.

However, Standard & Poor’s is not only concerned with assessing countries and governments, investment funds are also regularly scrutinized by this assessor. These assessments can provide interesting information for you as a potential participant in an investment fund. If an investment fund is assessed particularly well by S&P, it will receive a Platinum rating. With a Gold or Silver rating, a fund still performs well in the various areas (return, risk, management, etc.). From Bronze on, it is already a bit less. The returns are indicated with stars (5 stars is a very high return, 1 star is a low return). In addition to S&P, Moody’s and Fitch are also involved in assessing investment funds.

Comparing fund investments on return and risk

The ratings of the rating companies give a fairly nice overall picture of the working method, success and reliability of an investment fund. However, before you make a choice you will probably want more specific information on certain topics. One point at which investment funds can be compared is the level of return that a fund is able to achieve. Those who are willing to take (relatively) much risk can choose an investment fund that is known for its high returns. However, a very high return usually means that the risks are also quite high. When comparing investment funds, you can assume that return and risk are inversely proportional to each other, regardless of the nice talk that some investment funds proclaim on their own site.

Comparing funds at an additional cost

It is nice to know that your investments in an investment fund are managed by a team of financial specialists and analysts. These people know about it! At the same time, it means that investing through an investment fund involves extra costs that you would not incur if you arranged your investments yourself. The employees of the investment fund have to be paid and the fund wants to improve itself. For this reason, a number of different costs are charged to the private investor who joins an investment fund. Different investment funds have different costs, and the amount of these costs can vary considerably per fund. This makes it interesting to take a good look at the costs when comparing funds. Funds are required by law to clearly state all costs, and they usually do this in a prospectus, what also helps is starting with the so called ”broker vergelijken” to make sure you choose a safe and reliable partner when investing in funds.

Can You Invest In A Green Future Without Having To Worry About Returns On Investment? A Few Cases To Consider!

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When you want to start investing a lot of questions come up. How much risk do I want to take? In which sectors do I want to invest? How do I know that my investments are ethical? Things you will need to look into when you decide to invest.

  • Many investors are concerned about our planet. They are worried about the increasing CO2 emissions, the increasingly warming earth and the animal species that are in danger of disappearing due to deforestation or other degradation of their living environment. One of the most active parties that is trying to change this is this online broker in Germany, they are actively trying to seduce investors to take investing in green markets seriously.

Where can you invest in green markets?

Green investing is possible at almost every broker. A broker is a party that makes it possible to buy and sell shares and investment funds, for example. It is important to research the underlying products yourself. In this way you can determine whether the company or fund in which you want to invest takes sufficient account of social themes. It goes without saying that you also want to achieve a high return with green investments. Therefore use the button below to compare the best brokers! This way you can be sure that you will be investing with the most advantageous and professional party!

Investing in a Green Fund

If you want to contribute to a greener, more environmentally friendly planet, you can choose to invest in a green fund. By investing green you invest in green projects approved by the Dutch government. These are the so-called Green Funds. When you invest in a green fund it means that you are entitled to a number of tax benefits. In concrete terms, this means that you can make use of the tax rebate for green investments of 0.7% of the exempted capital for green investments. In this way, you pay less tax in box 1.

  • In addition to this tax discount, you will also receive exemption from the capital gains tax. This tax benefit amounts to 1.2%. This benefit applies up to an amount of approximately 58,540 euros. This means that you pay even less tax in box 3. All in all, green investment can therefore be an attractive investment. After all, the tax benefits already guarantee a limited return. Moreover, green investments do not appear to be inferior to normal investments. Green investments also regularly generate high returns.
  • However, it can sometimes be difficult to find a green fund that accepts customers. There is currently a great deal of demand for green investments. However, you can also choose to open a green savings account. With a green savings account you are entitled to the same benefits as with an investment account. With the low interest rate this can be more advantageous than a normal savings account! Do you want to know more about these benefits? Then read the guide at Commoditytradealert.AR